Charitable & Civic Works

Giving back and improving lives are in the DNA of Clint and Janet Reilly and the Clint Reilly Companies. So is engagement with social, corporate and political institutions for the betterment of San Francisco, the Bay Area and the state. Among the more notable causes of the Reilly family and the Clint Reilly Companies are:

Catholic Charities of San Francisco

Catholic Charities Loaves & Fishes

John and Denise York with Clint and Janet Reilly at Catholic Charities’ annual Loaves and Fishes Dinner

As a member of the Board of Directors of Catholic Charities and its first lay board president, Clint Reilly, along with his wife Janet, founded the Archbishop’s Loaves and Fishes Dinner as part of a fundraising initiative that erased a multi-million-dollar operating deficit and put the social services arm of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco on solid financial footing. Catholic Charities, whose door is open to all, operates approximately 30 programs serving 40,000 people in San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin counties.

Clint Reilly Scholarship Fund

Initiated in 2008, the Clint Reilly Scholarship provides annual $2,500 grants to help cover tuition costs for 109 inner-city youth attending four Catholic secondary schools, Immaculate Conception Academy, Mercy High School, Riordan High School and Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. Working in consultation with school principals, the Clint Reilly Scholarship aims to add 20 to 25 recipient students each year, helping build bridges to college acceptance for deserving young people and their families.

Clinic by the Bay

Led by Janet Reilly,Clinic by the Bay will be a free, volunteer-powered health clinic that will help meet the primary medical needs of the working uninsured in San Francisco and San Mateo counties. It is being established as an affiliate of Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) clinic, a successful model of health care that engages retired doctors, nurses and other volunteers to provide compassionate care, free-of-charge, to people in their own community. Founded in 1992, VIM clinics are 100 percent funded through the private sector and do not rely on government funding. Clinic by the Bay is on pace to open in summer 2010 in the Excelsior/Outer Mission neighborhood, a medically underserved area with few health and social services.

Bay Area Editorial Board Project

Catholic Charities Resolution Honoring Clint Reilly

Catholic Charities Resolution Honoring Clint Reilly (Click Image to Enlarge)

A product of a lawsuit Clint Reilly brought against MediaNews Group and the Hearst Corporation to preserve competition in the Bay Area newspaper market, the Bay Area Editorial Board Project is a groundbreaking initiative to reconnect Bay Area newspapers and their local communities. Under a settlement agreement in the case, the project provides at least one independent citizen to serve on the editorial board of each of MediaNews Group’s 11 Bay Area newspapers. The citizen board members serve one-year terms and are encouraged to participate in discussions and deliberations of editorial position as full members of the editorial boards.


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