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After clicking (more….) and expanding one of Clint’s columns, click on the PRINT link at the bottom of the page, this brings up a new window, and you can choose PRINT from the FILE menu of your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc). Or click the print link.

By clicking on RSS at the bottom of a column you can access Clint’s columns from your favorite “feed aggregator“. Google and MyYahoo are the most popular feed aggregators online. Bloglines, NewsGator, and Netvibes are catching up. Use one of these aggregators and get all your news, opinion, blogs, podcasts, etc. in one place., Reddit, Digg, Furl…huh? what?, Reddit, Digg, and Furl are four of the many “social bookmarking” websites that provide an online home for people to keep track up and/or share texts, podcasts, photos, etc. Anyone can visit social bookmarking sites for information, but if you want to submit content, you usually need to become a member. For more information try these articles:

Contacting Clint
Clint Reilly receives many emails every day. He endeavors to respond to each one of them. If you have an important issue, you may also try re-sending it, or try regular mail, or fax it: 415-397-1904.

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