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Clint Reilly ran Senator Boxer's first campaign for US House of Representatives in 1982. Boxer at the time was a Marin County Supervisor running against Louise Renne, who was endorsed by then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein and Democratic Party establishment figures. Up against this seemingly impenetrable wall of political support, Reilly analyzed the voting habits of residents of the district and identified the specific criteria voters used to decide whom to vote for. In Boxer's case, ideology was the guiding factor for the groups they targeted. Reilly developed a ground-breaking strategy that ran multiple campaigns for Boxer to each targeted group. Most memorable was the slogan targeted at liberal San Francisco voters - "Barbara Boxer Gives a Damn." The result was that Boxer was able to pull off an upset 20-point win in the Democratic Primary Election. Boxer faced no serious opposition in the general election and won in 1982. She was never seriously challenged again for her seat in Congress and in 1992, won election to the U.S. Senate.